• Have your own Reward app

    iOS and Android reward app platform for CPI and CPA offers. Monetize your traffic.

1. Step


Your users choose an offer, click on it and install the app or submit their email.

2. Step


They will receive a reward and redeem it as a Giftcard – iTunes, Google Play, Amazon…

3. Step


You get a big profit for every completed offer from integrated CPI or CPA network

Everything you need to start making money

What is Offito?

Offito is reward platform for iOS and Android devices. It’s your opportunity to have your own app like Appdown, Feature Points, AppBounty or FreeMyApps. With more than 15 Ad Networks for CPI and CPA offers implemented. Plenty reward methods for your users.

Why to use Offito?

You will save more than 900 development hours and more than $25,000. It’s really easy to set up Offito on your domain and publish it on Google play. You can change everything on our dashboard – Email texts, share and tweet stories, Gift card’s value, Giveaways, Invite text, etc…


Powerful offerwall ready for your traffic

How exactly it works?

You have to choose your name, buy a domain and make a few changes on graphics. Then you will have app available for iOS devices and ready to publish it on Google Play.

You have to sign up and set up Ad Networks as many as you can. Networks like Fyber, NativeX, Persona.ly or SuperSonic are a must for CPI offers. For CPA you will need AdGateMedia or AdWorkMedia.

When you have app and offers ready, you just have to set up reward ratio. Our default ratio is $1 = 120 points. That is 1200 points for $10 gift cards. But $10 gift cards cost 3000 points. So you will earn $15 ($25 revenue – $10 gift card). But you can set how you want.

So then you just have to take care about your traffic, sending rewards and comunicate on email support.


Main features

iOS and Android platform

You will have the app available for iOS and Android devices. So you can reach more than 1 Billion people.

More than 20 Gift cards

Your users can choose from more than 20 gift cards, including iTunes, Google play, Amazon, eBay, Steam, Facebook, Skype, GTA, PSN, Xbox, Hulu, Nintendo, GoCash… Of course you can add your own gift cards.

1000+ Offers for all GEOs

If you implement all Ad Networks we offer, you will get more than 1,000 CPI offers and more than 500 CPA offers worldwide.

A lot of bonuses for users

We offer a lot of bonuses for users like Daily bonus, Facebook and Twitter share bonus, rewards for inviting people

30+ Ad Networks

NativeX, Fyber, Persona.ly, SuperSonic, AdGateMedia, AdWorkMedia, Woobi, AdAction, Tapgerine… The biggest players in CPA and CPI offers are ready for your traffic. But we can implement any of ad network you want.

We can make any of your wishes!

Our developers are ready to make for you any improvement you want. 24/7 support!


You can easily manage all Gift cards from your Dashboard. You can add unlimited new gift cards, or remove any if you don’t want to offer it. Of course you can target any gift card to a specific country.


All redeems are in your Dashboard, so if someone redeem a gift card, you can easily send it from our dashboard. You can also change redeem email, if you don’t like our default text.

Fraud shield

You will get a powerful shield against Fraud traffic. You can use our default shields like IP ban, SSID ban, etc… But you can create also your own shields. You can write your own SQL code or you can use our builder.


All networks can be set up on your Dashboard. You just have to sign up on their website and set up the app id, secret key and the postback on Dashboard. All networks are aggregated into one offerwall. But you can also show a network’s offerwall for Android app, if you want.

Ad offers

We don’t offer just only an install category for CPI offers, but you can monetize also with CPA offers in Sign up, Surveys and Watch category. Many CPA networks offer payout even more than $2 in tier 1 countries. So when your users complete all CPI offers, they can make another huge profit from CPA offers for you.

You can add your own offer!

Do you have some great direct offer with huge payout? You can make your own offer in your Dashboard. It’s really easy, you just have to set up the title, description, payout and S2S postback. You can also choose from Normal, Burst or Top campaign. Last two will be on the top of the Oferwall.


Offers are automatically aggregated into one offerwall – that looks much more profi. But you can also show a network’s offerwall in Android app.


Our dashboard is really powerful tool. You can control almost everything in your new app from this Dashboard. From Ad Networks, offers and redeems to emails, bonuses and social sharing.

Card Stock

You can buy gift cards today, add them to “stock” and automatically send them to your users later. So you don’t have to be afraid that you can lose your codes.

Invite Friends

Powerful tool for new users almost for free. Bonus for invite friends is a great motivation for your users to send an email to their friend or share a story on Facebook or Twitter. All text of email, FB or TW can be change in your Dashboard. Also the amount of bonus for invite can be changed.


Emailing is a really great with Offito. You just simply have to set up your Mailgun account, put your App id on our Dashboard and you don’t need to code anything. You can automatically send emails after registration, emails with new offers available, emails when users didn’t come back for more than a few days or simply if you have some great news. You can change all texts of emails in your Dashboard.

Social Networks

You can connect Facebook and Twitter to your app. Just add an App id of your social site on your Dashboard. Users can use Facebook for login and Twitter and Facebook for sharing a stories. You can also reach a lot of followers easily thanks to share bonus. Users earn a few points for following.


We offer many bonuses for your users. First app install, Facebook and Twitter follow, Facebook and Twitter sharing, Invitation bonus and of course Daily come back bonuses. You can control all amount of these bonuses on your Dashboard.


We have prepared a giveaways for your users to motivate them to complete more tasks. You can make a new giveaway simply on your Dashboard. Your users will see it on the top of the front page. For example, you can make a giveaway where you give 5x$10 itunes gift cards when your users complete at least 2 surveys. You can announce new winners from your dashboard.

Email support

All support emails from your users are sending to your email address you set up on your Dashboard. So, you can email back directly from your Email client.

FAQ, Privacy Policy and Terms of use

You will receive all these documents with our default text with your app name you provided on your Dashboard. But you can change or rewrite any of these docs on your Dashboard.

Tips and How it works help

Your users see these helps on invite screen and it can helps them to get more people into their network. You have these helps with our default text, but you can of course change them on your Dashboard.

Future Updates

You will get automatically all new updates. If we will add a new ad network, you will have it immediately on your dashboard. It will be same with all new bonuses, emails, texts, etc…

Our developers are here for you

We always want to improve Offito, so if you have any requirement in coding, we will do our best to accomplish your requirements.

14 Days money back guarantee

If you will not be satisfied, we will give you your money back. But we will do our best to help you with everything.


You can manage all gif card’s countries. If you don’t want to offer cards to CZ, you can simply remove that country from your list.

Cloud based

Offito runs in cloud, so we can easily scale your server’s workload. You don’t need to be afraid if you will have a massive traffic.

Tabs controll

For each platform you can switch on or off tabs with offers in real-time

Splash offers

You can show to your android users fullscreen offer after they open the app. You can setup all from dashboard.

Lucky Spin

Awesome feature to keep your users in your app. 6x bigger session time with Lucky Spin!!


Send emails or push notifications if user is inactive for a few days – Re-engage your users again.


Do you want to focus on non-English speaking countries? No problem, you can translate your Application.

Ad triggers

Control your banners and interstitials from dashboard in a real-time.


Have offers immediately when you build the app for a first time. Only great, working and tested offers!

Offer Reporting

Let your users to report not working offers. You can then simply remove them from your Offerwall.


  • iOS offerwall
  • Android app on GP
  • All networks integrated
  • Already with CPI and CPA offers
  • Servers for backend included
  • Full support for help
  • We can help you with coding
Get it
  • iOS offerwall
  • Android app on GP
  • All networks integrated
  • Already with CPI and CPA offers
  • Servers for backend included
  • Full support for help
  • We can help you with coding
All Inclusive
  • Android APK build
  • Reskin with new design
  • iOS offerwall
  • Android app on GP
  • All networks integrated
  • Already with CPI and CPA offers
  • Servers for backend included
  • Unlimited support help
  • Any new Ad network can be integrated

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