I'm the guy with the pen


Executive leader in media technology strategy, products and services - leading the conversation, in front of the room with the whiteboard pen in hand...
"I bring technology, products & services to market"

Over 25 years in software technology: product management, selling, managing, designing, engineering and consulting.

Technology leaders tend to lean towards business or technology. As an engineer I've developed and deployed several enterprise and consumer based platforms.

However, since early in my career I've been the one leading the conversation and lean towards the business, strategy and management of initiatives.

I pride myself on listening, discussing and adding value to the conversation - thus producing results in a consultative manner.

I help companies create Solutions...

  • Strategy

    Highly technical to highly business strategy (from the engineer to the boardroom)

  • Technology

    Enterprise to consumer technologies, software architectures, SaaS & cloud

  • Business

    Product management, requirements, strategy, sales, budgets, roadmaps, UI/UX

  • empathy

    Ability to listen, understand and add value; producing solutions that work and drive businesses forward


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Lead consultant and Managing Director