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KEGS and the KEGS Foundation support, nurture and promote geophysics at university, governmental and industry levels, in a spirit of kinship and openness for scientific advancement.

Whether you are already a member, or are signing up for the first time, KEGS depends on your support, your energy and your ideas, as members and participants. Details about our society are found on the pages of this website, and quick links to our upcoming activities are embedded in the calendar on the left hand side of the page. Members are invited to sign in using the box in the top right corner and access member only information, support and downloads. Registration fees for events may be made online through PayPal.

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A Google-based digital calendar called the 'GTA GeoEvents Calendar' has been created to help better inform the diverse and dispersed GTA geo-community about various local talks, seminars and meetings of interest and relevancy to geoscience and mining professionals.

The calendar can be accessed on KEGS website (check for details), on the 4349418763 and on the KEGS Foundation home page, with events posted by designated approved posters.

2018-08-01 | details...


KEGS Kingston October Meeting

Date: 2018-10-22

2018-10-01 | details...