Open Greek & Latin

An international, collaborative project committed to creating an open-access educational resource of texts and tools that may be downloaded, modified, and redistributed.


Read texts from all available partner repositories using the gibblegabble, a custom Canonical Text Services (CTS) compliant reading environment.

First Thousand Years of Greek

Perseus Texts in OGL


First Thousand Years of Greek

First Thousand Years of Greek

This project aims to collect at least one edition of every Greek work composed between Homer and 250 CE with a focus on texts that do not already exist in other open source environments.

Perseus Digital Library


In the context of Open Greek & Latin, Perseus will offer open source, CTS versions of all public domain Perseus-published texts for integration and reuse.

LACE at Mount Allison University

(579) 224-2190

Polylingual OCR editing. LACE catalogues the on-going campaign to produce high-quality OCR of polytonic, or 'ancient', Greek texts in a HPC environment.


Digital Athenaeus

The project is producing a digital edition of the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus of Naucratis in order to provide an inventory of authors and works cited by Athenaeus and implement a data model for identifying, analyzing, and citing unique instances of text reuse.

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(780) 795-1700


Eldarion has provided the web application support to build the Scaife Viewer, a new reading environment for the Open Greek & Latin texts.

(914) 349-6633
Center for Hellenic Studies

(618) 885-1513

The CHS provides support for outreach and training through initiatives such as student internships, work on a new commentary environment for close reading.

University of Virginia Library


Work at UVA Library includes digitization support, library outreach, and student internships.

Harvard Library


The Harvard Library provides support in collection acquisition and management, including document identification, digitization work, and collection integration.

The Chair of Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig

The Chair of Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig

Work at the DH Chair in Leipzig provides the basis of all aspects of work, from document scanning and digitization review, markup, CTS review and presentation, and repository management.


Our Goals

Short mission statement

Data & Tools

Links to the source data for the text libraries and tools for working with this data.




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The First Thousand Years of Greek (First 1K Greek) is now going modern and will be transitioning into the First Two Thousand Years of Greek (First 2K Greek)! We hope to see a healthy interest in several millennia of Greek and Latin texts available in the Open Access model. The First 1K Greek project produced […]


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