Hush your secrets by a swing

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Keep your privacy

Whenever you flip or tilt your phone, the screen will dim to hide your content. Simple yet powerful way to keep your most private data out of sight.

Secure by design

With Hush, it is easy to hide what is on your screen.

Stay unnoticed

Hush effect is so smooth that nobody will even notice.

Nice & easy

Simple and nice interface for your maximum convenience.

How it works

Hush App smoothly dims your screen anytime you flip or tilt your phone. In Unleashed mode Hush fades screen to any image acting as the boss screen.

Simple yet powerful on iOS

Hush Browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Flip or tilt your phone to hide your web browser instantly.


Hush App also hides the battery indicator to make the phone appear locked.


Pick any image for a prank or take a screenshot for the boss screen. Available in Unleashed mode only.


Activate using the share button in Safari.


Your screen will gently disappear as your phone goes horizontal.


This app’s interface is optimized for and tested by visually impaired users.

Hush iphone screen

Taking over Android screen

System-wide sensor based screen overlay.


Flip or tilt your phone to hide your screen instantly.


Hide your contents quickly at school, in the bank or public transport.


Optimized to keep your battery level high.


Activate with a single switch in the notification center.


Your screen will gently disappear as your phone goes horizontal.


Turn Hush mode on at system start or at every unlock.

Hush Android screen

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When Unleashed, you can cloak your screen
with any screenshot or image you wish!

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