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If you decide for the classic you have to know that it does not allow much oscillation. There is no reason to say that the classics are also simple. Here, there are not many deviations from the default, and the various shapes of shirts, pants, shirts, and dresses are kept in strict lines. Casual style implies a lot and it’s hard to talk about just one piece of clothing or dress. Casual is all that can be combined for a variety of situations, except for special occasions such as weddings and ceremonies. The shirt is another garment item that can be classified in several fashion styles. These are business and casual looks. Depending on which material you are doing, you will know at a glance when you see it in the shop, whether it’s a piece of clothing for serious situations or fun opportunities.

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It all depends on fashion additions and our attitude. Do you know that the shirt was actually made by shortening the tunic which was a universal garment item for men and women. Initially it was broad and did not sharpen the edges so there was no need to split it by gender. She was wearing her underwear or was wearing the poor as the only clothing they had.

Suddenly, the shirts begin to be made of finer materials and the buttons are populated. That innovation came in the 17th and then the shirt starts to look like those who live in our wardrobe today. The first shirts were manually made of fine materials and very expensive. Only wealthy ladies from high society could afford a fine shirt. They never dress themselves, they were dressed by maids. That’s why women’s shirts are still on the reverse side of those on men’s shirts. If you do not have a lot of shirts, but you’ve been thinking about buying some kind of universal clothing that’s easy to combine and looks great, listen to the suggestion. Give us your hand and come with us for a moment on the other side of the mirror. Why instead of the classic white shirt, which mostly comes to mind first when it comes to style, you would not choose its opposite. The black shirt is just as elegant and even more mysterious and interesting than the white one.
Black shirt will give you severity. Sometimes you care if you do not realize it seriously just wrap your black shirt and see what’s going on. It minimizes all the other stimuli and makes people focus on your face. So, do not forget with the black shirt goes perfectly clean hair, impeccable makeup and daring look.


While men were wearing the only women they could afford to wear, they were very wealthy women who therefore had their maids dressed in them. So the position of the button is set to match the point of view of the maid rather than the nobleman. The shirt that holds a special place today in the heart of each of us is a plain white shirt. It is one of the most practical, colorful and versatile garments you can have in your closet. Whether it’s a rigid and rigid white shirt that you can go to for a business meeting or a lighter, fluffy, perhaps translucent companion that can accompany you on a summer outing.