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Welcome to Integra™

by SmarterSoft


the Integra™ Data Management Platform

Integra is a highly customisable web-based data management system. Its unique design eliminates many of the costs and hassles that come with the development of IT systems to support data collection, cleansing, editing and reporting.

It comprises 10 Building Blocks that combine to create rich online data collection and analysis systems. Integra lets you securely collect, manage and analyse your data and produce your own visual reports on demand.

Unlike other systems, Integra has a "dynamic engine" which allows advanced functionality and data validation rules to be created without the need to write a line of code. The end result is much faster development times, reduced maintenance costs, higher reliability and improved data quality. It is also flexible, scalable and easily evolves to your changing needs.

Integra is a truly revolutionary way for you to manage your data collection, editing and reporting. From a simple set of web-based forms, to highly complex data collection applications with thousands of users, Integra can be configured to your exact needs.

It even has ready-made modules for:

  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • eCommerce

Download a brochure about Integra™  (PDF 2.3MB)

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Web: www.smartersoft.com.au


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