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Beards are no more just about "physical apperance" they are a lifestyle followed by many men. It is not merely enough to sport a beard, it takes passion, care and grooming to tend to your beard in the right way.

Beard Czar is a leading distributor of a wide range of beard care and grooming products to help you grow, style & tend to your beard. Our dietary supplements including a Facial Hair Complex & a Phytoceramides formula may help support growth and beard hair health. The Beard Oil may help you hydrate, nourish and style your beard. We have also included a guide that not only helps you utilize our products in the best possible manner but also offers everyday tips and tricks to help you take care of your beard.

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The Beard Styles


Don't want to grow a full beard but still want to add a dash of masculine appeal, the stubble is the perfect way to go. Easy to grow and groom, it is the metrosexual favorite.

Side Burns

Let those side trims grow into the chinstrap and sport the retrosexual side burns for a hip look. A must have for the Elvis in you!


A style statement that has survived a decade, the Goatee is the way to go - if you love a dash of style. A chinstrap with your moustaches is sure to get you looking good at both work and play.

Full Grown

Grow that 1/2 inch beard that flows perfectly and lets you style it as you want. Needs patience and passion but the result is pure masculine power.

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