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Shipping Solution offer supply chain consulting services to firms, helping them optimize their operational performance and ensuring they implement services to the optimal specification in order to maximize profitability.

We allow clients to focus on their own strategy through facilitating operational improvements and creating a more value-led structure. Through incorporating a more agile and adaptive strategy, our clients are able to excel within their industry and stay at the forefront of new developments. Shipping Solution partners with client teams in order to bring improvements in the end-to-end supply chain process from operational strategy, supply chain planning and implementation down to the finer details of the supply chain process.

Shipping Solution is headquartered in New York, NY plus has offices throughout North America and across Europe.

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Digital Strategy & Operations

Digital strategy and operations covers everything from strategic planning through to execution of the appropriate digital projects, incorporating the commercial objectives that support a profitable business. Digitalization covers a range of subjects including new technologies, updated business processes, innovative business models, and unique customer experiences which – when looked at in the whole – signal a new way of operating, both within your organization and with how you communicate with customers, whether commercial partners or actual consumers.

No company is immune from these new challenges and the industry is facing disruption as a whole. There is a continuous innovation cycle as enterprises focus on customer-first strategies. These new approaches reach the whole way up the supply chain and the only way to avoid being left behind is through adoption of new technologies or finding your own approach to innovation, setting yourself apart from the competition. With the likes of Amazon competing for your customers, the only option is to continually optimize your logistics to compete with their super-efficient supply chain, ever-expanding operations and customer-focused experience.

Incorporating digital solutions into your supply chain is not just a way of mitigating threats; it is a proactive strategy that will support the long-term growth of your organization. In order to achieve the economies of scale that you need - including more agile and flexible internal processes - you must adopt new approaches to maximize the profitability of your operations.

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Transportation Management

One area of the supply chain that often lacks assessment is that of transportation, yet year-on-year we see that it is precisely this area that dominates the operating costs of so many enterprises.

Businesses attribute up to 10% of their budgets to logistics – with transportation representing 6% of that for most companies. This is biggest single contributor to overall running costs.

With such potential for optimization, it is vital that companies focus on an area where they could significantly reduce their cost base.

In modern industry, distributors are suffering more and more from increased pressures and costs than in any previous decade. As we see record fuel costs, reduced air-freight capacity, limitations on hours of service and customers holding increasingly high expectations when it comes to order fulfillment, it is no surprise that companies are now putting their own transportation services under such scrutiny in search of a more optimal solution.

The Most Profitable Industries In 2017

Industrial Distributors

Shipping Solution' supports Industrial Distributors in growing their profit margins through incorporating new practices into their operations.

Consumer Products

Not only are we seeing shifts in enterprise models, but consumer industries are also evolving as customers demand a higher level of service as well as increased demand for products on an international scale, with China being the leading force in this area.

Aftermarket Automotive

Shipping Solution' works with a number of partners in the Automotive Aftermarket industry, which in itself is evolving into a highly competitive landscape, re-emphasizing the need to refine and rebalance supply chain strategies.


Shipping Solution' has been a leading force in the retail market for over 3 years, supporting clients in redefining supply chain requirements and optimizing their operating processes in order to adapt to this new ecommerce/Omni-channel customer expectation.

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