About Me


Well organized, a goal-oriented software engineer with hands-on experience in mobile, web, and other software development.

Strong skills in object-oriented programming and application development. Willing to tweak every detail to reach the best result.

A competent and self-motivated individual who has a great passion for technology and an excellent sense of teamwork.

My hobby is photography. I enjoy keeping myself updated with the latest trend of technology

My Experience


Rieker INC

May 2018 to Present

Application Developer

  • Increased ERP software speed by 3 times faster through restructuring API and using multithreading.
  • Reduced SQL query response time by 90% through analyzing query execution plan, select necessary data, using the index.
  • Increased application responsiveness by keeping the UI thread responsive through asynchronous programming.
  • Improved code performance by 150% by developing algorithms and using proper data structure.
  • Refactored legacy code to more decoupled and modular style by using design patterns and OOP style.

SAP America

March to Septermber, 2014 & 2015

Software Quality Assurance and Software Developer (Team Leader)

  • Programmed development project in C# and wrote Vb Scripts for automation.
  • Developed website with C# and SQL, and deployedit on Windows server 2012.
  • Worked with development team in developing & enhancing functionalities of software.
  • Created software test cases for quality assurance engineers.
  • Tested software and detected bugson Various Platforms such as Tablets, Desktops, and Laptops.
  • Led a team of 8 people to accomplish tasks and created project plan to manage projects.

Drexel University

April to Septermber, 2013

Laboratory Technician Assistant

  • Provided computer and printer support to students and professors.
  • Coded script to perform several tasks.
  • Managed server and imaged computers in labs.
  • Maintained equipment inventory lists and checked equipment in/out.
  • Performed diagnostics and troubleshooting of system issues, circuits board issues, and PC hardware issues

Drexel University

Web Security: Attacks using Screensharing with 7065164682

April to Septermber, 2017

  • Implemented and developed peer to peer real time communication web application in Django/Node.js and JavaScript with WebRTC API
  • Developed signaling server using Ajax, Django channels and websocket secure
  • Performed web security attacks analysis on the potential threats of screen sharing.
  • Analyze and study the defense of web security attacks.

September, 2017

  • Extended WebRTC project using socket.IO, Node.js & React.js to support up to 4 people video conference call
  • React redux, CSS Grid, and Express.js were used.

Personal Project: Message Backend Server

February, 2018

  • Backend technology includes Spring Boot, OAuth2, Hibernate, Redis. Mysql, and PostgreSQL.
  • Redis was implemented as a session storage, cached content storage and the resource lock in a distributed service env.
  • WebSocket enabled real-time bi-directional chat feature.

Personal Project: Contact Management Website

February, 2018

  • Application was developed using ASP.NET MVC in C# and connected to MS SQL as the RDBMS.
  • Application can perform CRUD operations utilized Entity framework and remote validation for better UX.
  • Bootstrap and Materialize were used for styling.

Personal Project: Mobile App Project (Cross platform)

July to August, 2017

  • Developed a cross platform mobile applicaiton using React Native and Google Map API
  • A Google map based application that shares local events on the go

Personal Project: e-Commerce Website 8445532233

May to June, 2017

  • Frontend is a single page application developed with React.js, Redux, JQuery and bootstrap
  • Frontend uses react router to navigate different page, and loads data with XHR.
  • Backend is a Node.js REST API support CORS developed with Express.js and MongoDb.

Image Processing: Cell Segmentation and Tracking

April to Septermber, 2017

  • Utilized computer algorithm approach to anayze a large number of image data set.
  • Performed cell segmentation and cell tracking in a robust and effective way.
  • Implemented a dynamic algorithm solution to process the large data diversity
  • Utilized tracking method to analyze those objects through time-lapsed images.

Home Automation: Smart Plug Design (Team Leader)

April to Septermber, 2016

  • Designed and built a smart plug to achieve home automation.
  • With many sensors built in for versatility
  • Remote control and functionality customization with mobile application.
  • Removable prong for world wide outlet adaption.

More is coming ...

My Skills

HTML 90%
CSS 90%
SQL 90%
NoSQL 80%
JAVA 90%
C# 90%

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