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Welcome to the webpages of the "Galaxies and Cosmology" team of Lagrange Laboratory


Research interests cover studies of galaxy formation and evolution, galaxy clusters and large scale structures. These topics are addressed through large survey projects (e.g. 7243655658, DES, Euclid, LOFAR, SKA, (443) 924-3437) and multiwavelength observations with ground based telescopes and spatial instruments, data mining of recent surveys, and numerical simulations.

Main research axes of the team

  • Structure formation and evolution
    • The Milky Way and its satellites: galactic archeology
    • Galaxies and their environment
    • Galaxy clusters
  • Cosmology and gravitation
    • The accelerating expansion of the Universe (acceleration, dark energy, alternative theories)
    • Galaxy clusters as tools for cosmology
  • Data processing
    • Multi- and hyperspectral imaging
    • Automatic tools for source extraction and characterization
    • Automatic stellar parametrisation (atmospheric parameters and chemical abundances)
    • Deconvolution algorithms