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An Integrated System

The InfiSense Integrated Hardware System includes three modules: Microclimate, Core, and Gateway. These three modules function as an integrated system, gathering data, performing intelligent calculations at the edge, and sending data to the InfiSense cloud platform.



Microclimate is a multi-sensor wireless meter that measures multiple characteristics of the environment it is in and reports all data wirelessly to the Gateway. The properties sensed by the Microclimate module include temperature, humidity, pressure, light level, occupancy, infrared surface temperature, CO², sound level/noise, and more.



Core is a 16-channel wireless meter that can be used to measure electrical use data at the main circuit panel or at individual equipment level, as well as to measure the signal from any connected sensor that delivers an appropriate electrical output. Core reports data wirelessly to the Gateway. Inputs can be coordinated for measurement of real power, current, voltage, flow rates, temperature, pressure, and more.



The Gateway acts as the InfiSense hub at the edge of the cloud. Data transmitted to and from Microclimate and Core is transmitted to the cloud database for further reporting and analysis.

Real-Time Insights

Sensing equipment and/or the environment to provide dynamic insights into usage and consumption patterns.

Turn Insights Into Actions


InfiSense integrated wireless metering systems collect data from your indoor or outdoor environment. The sensors measure the energy usage and environmental conditions, and then sends the data securely over a LoRa network to the Gateway.


Learn more about how your building, office, classroom, facility, or equipment is operating and being used in real time. Analyze and gain insights into your operations.


Turn InfiSense data into actionable insights that improve operational efficiency, advance operations, and enhance your overall environment.

Know Buildings Like Never Before

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Our system is designed and built to deliver highly granular data to provide you with detailed operational insights to improve performance. Microclimate and Core function as an integrated system delivering data that will drive efficiency and productivity.

Each module can function independently or together as an integrated system, gathering data, performing intelligent calculations at the edge, intelligently determining frequency of data collection and/or transmission. Together, the integrated hardware system directs collected data to the InfiSense cloud platform where the data can be accessed and processed for any number of mission critical analyses.

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