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About Us

BackYourscience is a platform for engaging the research community with its real base, the people.

The platform will be conducive for flourishing of genuine, impactful and purposeful research initiatives using a crowdfunding model.

BackYourScience will contain research projects which are carefully analyzed for their viability, usage and relevance to the existing societal paradigm and on how it can further the existing paradigm.

In simple words, we intend to provide a platform for propagation and promotion of rational and scientific ideals in the society and thereby, contribute to the upliftment of the quality of life of all the stakeholders in the equation.


  • Provides the researchers with a platform to approach interested community members for funding research projects which are important to them.

  • Will feature specially picked product-based research projects whose main focus would be to translate the research conducted with your funding into a product that can be made for commercial use.

  • Will provide an opportunity for the Citizen Scientists, who are ingenious but lack the resources and the expertise to see their ideas work. The platform will allow such projects to be showcased and lets the research community pick ideas according to their discretion and conduct those projects using crowdfunding.

  • Has a vision of implementing research as a way to make and sell products with scientific value. The objective of featuring selected products/services is to address the consumer base which regards science as a driving force to influence market trends.

How it works

Crowd Funding Model

Albeit, existing state governed agencies fund a major amount of the research conducted in the country, there is a dearth of funding for projects which do not lie in the purview of the same. BackYourScience aims to help such projects by providing a crowdfunding and community engagement platform for research projects.

All or Nothing

The research projects showcased on BackYourScience will only be up and running if funded completely (100%) or in excess, within the pre-determined deadline. If a project is not completely funded within the stipulated deadline, all the raised funds shall be reverted back to the respective funders and the project shall be taken down to make room for other projects in the wait list.

Fair Selection Policy

BackYourScience has a transparent and a fair system of parameters to which the research projects up for crowdfunding have to adhere to. These projects will be carefully evaluated for their economic and resource viability, practicality and their potential scientific impact on the funders as well as the society, in consultation with subject experts from the respective fields.


BackYourScience selects research projects which can have a ready impact on the society. All the research conducted from the funding on BackYourScience will seek publication in reputable journals, will seek translation of the research into a product that can be made commercially viable and will be up for review by government agencies if applicable.

NOTE: A pre-defined amount will be charged from the total funds raised by BackYourScience so as to run a good business and continue our efforts.

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